Welcome to KD International School

KD International School is managed by Education Society ShradhaPuri,Meerut and is a Modern CBSE affiliated School. We at the school, aim to equip our Students with Qualification, Skills, knowledge and attitudes which will enable them to thrive in the Fast changing, working world and make them confident and successful citizens of India. KD International School is one of the major School in ShradhaPuri,Meerut and many aspects have been specially organized to meet the needs of students. The society makes substantial investments to provide facilities of a very high standards.


KD International School are not only tasked with preparing children for their future careers, but also teaching essential life skills, habits and attitudes ...


The Library being a part of the curriculum has become an important tool in the propagation of academic advancement. KD International School Library...

Computer Lab

• A modern computer lab.
• Computer education compulsory for all as SUPW till Class VIII.
• IT as additional subject for secondary classes.


Our little ones, the bundles of energy, possess an activity room, THE TINY TOTS paradise, with the latest toys and accessories according to the children's likings.

Vision & Mission

KD International School believes that the right environs and ambience are vital to the development of a child's persona. The school envisions to provide that atmosphere where the pupils pick up the true art of learning so that the pursuit of knowledge becomes unwavering passion to them. The kind of environs we have created here ensures holistic development which aims at sending out into the world young persons who are skillful, self-disciplined and contribute wisdom, compassion and leadership to the global society.

The Motto of the school

Knowledge, Discipline, Character is not only revered but realised in the best possible ways, by honing the skills, imparting maximum knowledge and providing optimums to our learners

Principal Message

“Good things come to those who wait but better things come to those who go out and get them”.

I believe that preparing children for life calls by giving them finer education and ethical values to be better human beings so that they can give tough competition to the world is the actual need of this era.

KD International School provides infinite opportunities to students which help them discover the unique potentials in them and not only they attain academic competencies but also enable them to grow holistically. A world class education is catered here because it is the only foundation over which the edifice of our students’ distinctiveness is constructed.